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I have messed with RPG maker VX a lot for fun, but until recently, I was scared of variables. I didn’t want to have anything to do with them, but I was stupidly wrong. I tried to play around with them, and they turned out to be really really fun, and actually quite simple, to my surprise.

I will try to explain how variables work as simple as humanly possible. In this tutorial that will be delivered in parts, I will show you how to create a relationship system, ranging from killing an npc, to making friends, to falling in love, giving and recieving gifts, getting married, having children, buying a house and changing the interior decorations. There will also be a quick demonstration of how you can have a good/evil system, similar to fable.

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Hello, this will be a series of relatively small tips concerning character developing, backgrounds, and goals. Just to make things clear, this is not a tutorial, I will not tell you how to develop your own story because it butchers the idea of being creative. Just tips that maybe you’d like to take into consideration!

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imageIn order to start scripting for RPG Maker VX, or even if you want to start programming in general, the best way to start is by learning a programming language with simple syntax. Ruby or Python are a great way to start Programming. There are many online tutorials that you can read and learn both languages and I will link you there. But before you start learning Ruby or Python you have to know few things.

RPG Maker VX uses Ruby and the Ruby Game Scripting System 2 (RGSS2) API, but RPG Maker XP uses also Ruby but the RGSS. You don’t have to worry for anything. There are no online training materials for RGSS or RGSS2. This means that in order to learn scripting for both engines you will have to know Ruby. I suggested Python as a general language to get you started. RPG Maker VX/XP scripts need only Ruby. 

Where to learn Ruby?(or Python?)
Zed A. Shaw has written books about learning programming the hard way. His books are about learning a programming language the hard way because it is the easiest way. In his books you will learn how to type fast symbols that are used in programming languages, and by the time you finish the book you will learn fast typing. He uses a lot of exercises in order to get used in typing and spotting mistakes that will cause your script to malfunction or not run. You can read Learn Ruby The Hard Way online for free by clicking here and you can buy or read Learn Python The Hard Way here

After you have learned Ruby you can go online and search for scripts that other have created for VX or XP. By reading them you can see how every script is built and you will have an idea on how to use everything that you have learned. A good forum post with many scripts in order to have a look can be found here. If you don’t have an account be sure to create one for further script-reading and browsing. Forums dedicated to RPG Maker engine are a good library for you and your game. Also if you have difficulties with a script you might ask for their help. 

UPDATE: I’ve also found two new links for learning Ruby and for newcomers to programming; you can check them by clicking the links:

Things that Newcomers to Ruby Should Know

Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide 

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Two are the gentlemen behind this, and for you to find them you need only move your cursor.

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Further posts concerning the development progress will start soon™. The point of all this is to have fun. And nothing can stop us. Except when the internet’s down, that sucks. 

And by that I leave you, for now. May unicorns fart sunshine and rainbows on your pillow. <3

This blog is about a game we are about to start developing. It will be an RPG with an unknown story so far. Seriously. We just came up with a name. You can visit a wiki based on the game, which will be updated everytime we create a new character or a quest, here

We will post about scripts, code, how we design stuff and everything else that we did in order to finish the game. 

This project is for us, in order to see the requirement of a game and the whole process. Everything for Legend of Sarius will be built using the RPG Maker VX engine. This is a training in order to jump into more serious game developing engines like UDK.

We will release the game when it will be ready, for free. So expect a kick-ass game with plot twist and a lots of mindfuck.